Tagong and the ancient region of Kham, Tibet

Tagong, or Lhagang ལྷ་སྒང་། in Tibetan, is a small town on the Tibetan plateau in western Sichuan province. Visiting Tagong allows you to explore numerous monasteries, expansive grasslands on horseback or on foot and dramatic snow mountains, and to learn about Tibetan Buddhism and culture. At an altitude of more than 3,700 meters, Tagong is one of the highest towns in the world. The town has a remote, wild west feel, its remoteness insulating it from the mass tourism and development seen elsewhere in China, so far. Rumor is that Tagong will soon be connected by a larger highway and even high-speed rail, which will likely change the quiet nature of the town. 

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Hiking Yubeng

Yubeng Village is nestled within pine forests and dramatic snowy mountains, including the 6,740m Meili Snow Mountain. The tallest peak of Meili Snow Mountain is called Kawagarbo in Tibetan, and is considered sacred in Tibetan Buddhism. Many thousands of Tibetan pilgrims circumambulate Kawagarbo each year. Kawagarbo sits on the border between Yunnan and Tibet.

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